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Over 10 years Legio II Italica (since 2009)

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Community of interest

Our community of interrest represents the roman legion from the 4th century to the mid of 5th century (late roman).

This comprises LANCIARII LAURIACNSES, SECUNDANI ITALICIANI and german soldiers (warriors)


Parma Legio II Italica Wolfsymbol
Parma Legio II Italica wolf-symbol

The second Italian legion (Legio II) was in service from 190 AD in Noricum Ripense (Ufernoricum) as a protective force against the increasing German invasions. The legion symbol was the Roman she-wolf. Under Emperor Gallienus (260 - 268) the twins Romulus and Remus were added.

The main location of the legion was in Lauriacum, today's Enns (Lorch) on the Danube. Troop contingents of the Legion were send to Bedaium (Beneficiarier in Seebruck am Chiemsee), for the Inn in Ad Enum (Rosenheim), for Rome for the Praetorian Guard, in the Province of Africa, for the mobile army or as a crew for a burgus in Divita (Deutz) relocated the Rhine.

Additional presentations

Roman military 1st and 2nd century a.d. (Chiemgaurömer)

Specialised in

Religion, craft, camp life, medicine / military doctor, Roman cuisine, archery with a shooting range and of course the military. Scorpio (gun demonstration) on request.

Shield painting

Lanciarii Lauriacenses
Lanciarii Lauriacenses
Secundani Italiciani
Secundani Italiciani

Source: Notitia Dignitatum of the Bavarian State Library (to be found under links -Miscellaneous)

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