*Romans wanted*

Wer hat Lust bei unserer Interessengemeinschaft LEGIO II ITALICA PIA FIDELIS aktiv mitzumachen? Hast du Interesse an der römischen Geschichte? Möchtest du diese Geschichte auch mal hautnah erleben? Oder kennst du dich bereits aus und suchst eine Gruppe im Raum München / Rosenheim / Traunstein zum mitmachen?

Whether as an individual from 18 to 99+ or as a whole family with a child and bowling pin. Whether as a young Roman or young Roman. Whether as a veteran legionnaire or as a newcomer. Everyone finds their place with us.

Our range extends from civil to military life. As Romans with families in the province of Noricum (in contrast to the city of Rome), we are approximately 14 legionaries, 7 Romans and 4 children / adolescents from the age of 11. The age structure is currently from 11 to 79 years.

We meet every month and exchange new ideas and insights. We go to events. We try "experimental" archeology.

Have we got your interest? Then you certainly have some questions. We try to answer the most common questions here.

  • How do I get in touch?
    Via our homepage or via the email address roemische_legion@gmx.de.
  • What does it cost to participate?
    We are an community of interest and have no membership fee.
  • What do I need as starting equipment?
    It depends on what you want to represent and whether you may already have equipment. However, we are happy to help for the first event.
  • Do I have to make a certain presentation?
    Wir haben als Schwerpunkt die Spätantike gewählt. Ansonsten können wir deine Darstellung gemeinsam erarbeiten, sofern du noch keine konkreten Ideen hast. Allerdings wird es mit 3 Centurionen bei 14 Legionären etwas schwierig 🙂
  • Can I borrow items and equipment?
    You can borrow equipment to make your start easier. But you will see that it is much more fun with your own equipment. Maybe you make one or the other yourself. We also help with the purchase and we give tips when choosing equipment. 
  • Is it also a neccesary that I have to be able to do a craft?
    That would be nice, of course, but it is not a requirement. However, many of us have discovered unsuspected craft skills.

What can you expect from us?

A mentor is provided to every new member! This prevents mistakes when purchasing equipment and clothing. Some dealers also offer our IG a discount. 

Was erwarten wir von dir?

It is nice to experience a common hobby in a community. We are not an association, we are a community of interests. But here, too, we have to be able to rely on you.

We do not exert any pressure that every new actor has to be completely finished by a certain date. That is at the discretion of each individual. Certain standard equipment should be available after one year.


We look forward to your email. Don't be afraid to get in touch. We do not bite and look forward to every request. 

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